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Common sense ideas 

To elevate your plan through prudent decision making (pdm)

Dynamic Asset Allocation

 Your participants should be protecting themselves from major losses when common sense prevails. Dynamic asset allocation is different than buy and hold investing and market timing in that it is designed to make prudent adjustments to the overall equities/fixed mix when market conditions become irrational.


Since there is no approach to selecting active asset management approaches that consistently outperform their asset class benchmarks over 10 - 15 years, it makes more sense to focus on asset allocation decision making to grow and protect assets. Utilizing indexation is a prudent approach to asset allocation. 

Complete Approach 

This enables the plan sponsor to mitigate the liability associated with unreasonable fees associated with underperforming active investments in addition to providing active asset allocation guidance to mitigate potential large asset losses.

Complimentary Approach 

This enables the plan sponsor to utilize the Fiduciary Focus Dynamic Asset Allocation approach with an your choice of active and/or passive investments. This approach establishes independence between the asset allocation guidance and investment selection. 

Asset Allocation Guidance 

To start a no obligation subscription to our dynamic asset allocation approach, contact:

Mr. Terry Grennon, Principal Asset Allocation Strategist,  [email protected] 
 Principal Asset Allocation Strategist, [email protected]